Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

We (Eilidh and Ben) first met in a Young Adult Literature class at the University of Arkansas. Friendship was immediate, but it wasn't until three years later, after we had both graduated and moved away from Fayetteville, that we realized we were meant to be together. It didn't take long to also realize that many of our goals and aspirations are the same. And so, we designed The Typewrite Collective and began The Typewrites, starting our journey towards realizing those shared dreams.

We spend most of our time writing and working on various personal projects, and we dream of a life filled travel, adventure, and stories -- a life that allows us to wake up every single day and work doing what we love most.

Meet the Team

We are a small group, but we hope to soon (maybe with your help) become much larger than this little page can give credit to. We are united by a love of life and the written word, and if we work together, we can all create a community for sharing these things we love so dearly.

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Eilidh Lynn


I read. I write. I travel. I spend time with this fool here to my right. Young adult literature and progressing social movements through stories are my two great authorial passions.

Benjamin Enyart


I read. I write. I travel. I drink coffee, whisky, and wine. I spend time with the person here to my left and hope to one day add to the pantheon of great fantasy literature. For now, I do my best to write as much as possible.




This whole idea is about you and the communities you represent. Send us your work to become a published writer and join a team aspiring for online literary greatness.

Become You

The Typewrite collective is our dream turned reality, and we want you to be a part of it. Submit your work here here to start making your own dreams a reality.