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You have a story to tell - we want to hear it. Our goal is to create an online community of creatives and aspiring writers. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, comics, academic papers -- whatever it is that you want to share, The Typewrites offers a safe home for it. Like all good things, we're starting small, focusing on friends, family, and those we find along the way. Help us grow this dream and turn it into reality.

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The Typewrites Statement

We believe in a creative drive directed toward an inclusive community for curious minds. Too often the world is organized by hierarchy of experience and position -- The Typewrites aim to provide a safe space for those wanting their stories and thoughts to be shared with the world.

Our mission is to break the traditional conventions of access and academy, and to build upon new foundations of open and accepting community. Our statement is a call to action -- a challenge -- to all who wish to build that community with us and expand the reach of intellectual inclusivity.

Accept this challenge and help turn a concept into something real and tangible. Write, read, submit, and join The Typewrites community. We can only do this with the support of people like you.

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Community Cooperation

A Community of Standards

This is, first and foremost, a creative community dedicated to allowing access to creative and intellectual endeavors. Personal statements, solicitations, sales, promotions, and advertisements will not be considered. Neither will any writings that support agendas of hate and prejudice -- this is a community that accepts everyone, and anything less than respect for everyone capable of belonging to this community is not tolerated. While every voice and opinion matters, and while we are actively shaping the most diverse portfolio of writers and works possible, we must also maintain the parameters as expressed in The Typewrites Statement.

The Writing Process

As a creative enterprise, our primary purpose is to provide an inclusive platform for those wishing to share their own creative expressions with the community. And while we are focusing heavily on the inclusive nature of this platform, we wish the site to become not only an accessible one, but also a credible one. We want to see our writers grow with and beyond the boundaries of a single community, and the easiest way we can help achieve that is by providing a place for work to be shared while also insuring a standard of quality.

Because of this, we will not be able to accept everything submitted. However, we do promise to provide as much feedback as possible, continue to read all submissions, and help edit and craft stories into the quality writing we know everyone is capable of. If not initially accepted, please do not be discouraged, and please continue to write, shape, and submit your work. We are here for the community, and as part of that community, we are here for you.